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Recovery Monitoring

Nationwide Services
Choice Lab's service capabilities extend to all locations in the United States. International services can also be provided.

Participant Interaction
Your account manager is available to assist the program participants with their questions and concerns.

Early Warning Procedure
Timely feedback on all compliance issues provided to you by Choice Lab personnel.

Substance Abuse Testing
A variety of testing panels, which can be customized to meet the needs of your organization or participants, is available. Testing is performed at nationally certified laboratories.

Discreet Collection Services
Choice Lab provides quality monitoring to insure technical proficiency of the collection process and the strict maintenance of security and confidentiality.

Forensic Chain of Custody
All specimens will be forwarded to the laboratory utilizing strict chain-of-custody protocol to insure their integrity and legal defensibility.

Computerized Random Selection
Selection will be provided with a computerized random selection system that can be customized to accommodate variations in participant testing frequency.

Exclusive Toll-Free Random Call-In System
Participants call a toll-free number daily, positively identify themselves by entering two unique numbers, and receive a message indicating whether or not they have been randomly chosen for testing that day.

Direct Participant Billing
Program participants will be billed for testing services directly by Choice Lab.