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The Right Choice

The business of recovery monitoring is wide open right now. Many large, national laboratories offer drug and alcohol testing services, and the regulation around the field is spotty at best. For your employees, your loved ones—for yourself—you need a company you can trust and rely on. Choice Lab Services, with a single location and national reach, is the right choice.

At Choice Lab Services, we design monitoring programs to test for very specific substances, and to test for them under the personal circumstances the situation requires. And we’ll take the time to explain to you exactly what to do and why.

Lives do not stop for people in recovery. They need to continue to work and live, so monitoring programs have to be flexible. We offer services at the workplace, in homes, and through doctors, partner labs and other facilities. And the type of test—hair, urine, or blood—is designed to fit the need. We use computerized random selection to make testing less predictable when necessary, and we provide timely feedback on compliance. What you need, when you need it.

Discretion is essential in all monitoring programs, and Choice Lab Services provides it both in the collection process and in the maintenance of security and confidentiality. We have many high-profile clients, and we treat all our clients with the same, high level of discretion.

We like to say that we take the industrialization out of drug and alcohol testing, taking personal and family needs into account. And we care about and stick with our clients throughout the duration of the testing. Talk to us today about your needs.
Among other services, we provide:

  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Instant/On-Site Testing Products
  • Mobile Collections
  • Employment Testing
  • Court-ordered Testing
  • Employee Education and Supervisory Training
  • Drug Free Workplace